Have A Handyman Install Carpet

There is nothing better than a freshly laid carpet. When we walk in our bare feet or when we lay on the carpet, it just gives a good feeling. Before we can enjoy the carpet however, we first need to have it installed. Depending on your skills you can either lay it yourself or hire a handyman in my area in charlotte, nc to lay it for you.

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Measure the room

The first step in laying carpet is to measure the room and make sure that you get enough carpet to fill the space. The next step is to ensure that the floor is clean and clear of any debris.

Start on the far wall and roll out towards you

When you roll it towards you it will start to fill out the room. You want to pull the carpet a few more inches to ensure that you have enough to fill the room without it leaving a gap. Using a knife, cut the back of the carpet in a straight line and remove the roll.

Position the carpet

You want to position the carpet so it fills the room. Don’t worry if you have too much carpet, it is meant to be more. Fit one side of the carpet against a flat wall and if needed, cut around door frames and other molding. Then, using a knee cutter, go to the other side of the room and stretch the carpet cutting it with the device. This will ensure that the rest of the carpet is removed and what you have lays flat.

Clean up the excess

You want to clean up all of the excess and make sure that the carpet looks good. Pick up any scraps and with a vacuum, clean up the floor. Allow the carpet to settle and enjoy.