Trending Business Card Ideas For 2021

Since the pandemic started, those without work are seeking new employment now that the country has started to open back up.  This means updating one’s resume, getting the proper interview attire, and creating new business cards.

While seemingly traditional or outdated, a business card is an effective way to represent your brand, capabilities, and contact information. In addition, individuals who put significant time and effort into their business card design are sure to have a lasting influence on the receiver.

To ensure that you reach your career goals, consider the following trending business card ideas for 2021!

Card Material

In 2021, traditional matte-style paper business cards are losing popularity to semi-translucent and opaque plastic card designs.  A plastic business card can be printed just as thin as a paper one and ensures that it won’t be damaged in the process of transport.

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For a more environmentally friendly option, consider using recycled cardboard or hemp paper as a material for your business cards.  Environmentally conscious business cards usually have a unique feel or texture to them that marks your uniqueness as a candidate.


Never use heavy amounts of text or hard-to-read fonts on a business card.  In fact, business printing in Urbandale recommends minimalist or handwritten fonts to offer a clean and personalized business card.

Furthermore, replacing font with a scannable QR code to showcase your portfolio website, resume, and contact information is also recommended.

Design Layout

Bold colored edges, geometric shapes, and abstract patterns are among the hottest trends in 2021.  For businesses designing new cards, be sure to add your company-specific logos and branding to ensure uniformity throughout all business products and services.

Businesses without in-house printing or graphic designers should consider the services of a professional business printer.